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Born 3rd of May 2024 puppies from CH Kamontry kiss me quick (aka Elvis) x Kamontry girl on girl (Bettie)

3 Blenheim male puppies remain

please go to males and females for photos and health screening of mother, father and grandparents, Bonnie, Wesley and Wanda.


This is Ginger Kiss, Caramel Blush and Charlie Chocolate Face


See below for application and contact details


Sponsored by Lyka 

My puppies are weaned on premium puppy kibble, Lyka fresh dog food, raw mince and meaty bones. My puppies and dogs eat a range of fresh food such as berries, carrots, cheese and sardines. I make my own dehydrated treats of beef liver, sardines, meat patties, cows, goats and pigs ears. My dogs are fed bones daily (I use duck feet) to maintain dental health, and carrot chunks. All my dogs are trained to permit me to brush their teeth. I also have a regular dental plan with my vet. I have a number of dogs and can assure you that a wide range of methods can keep your dogs denture in excellent condition. 


Puppy pack includes 

Premium puppy dry dog food, and a pack of Lyka and discount on your first order 
DNA testing for proof of parentage. This means the parents of your puppies listed on the pedigree are the actual parents. Pedigree and registration
 with Dogs Australia (formally ANKC)  on limited register 
Proof of all specialist health testing 

6 week no obligation pet insurance 
Lifetime support which includes rehoming. No Kamontry puppy/older dog is ever without a home.
Warranty plus desex agreement. 
Information and puppy starter items from my favourite suppliers. Heart beat snuggle buddy  

Any questions do not hesitate to email me in the first instance. Photos of mum, dad and puppy are available. Copy and paste the questionnaire below and return to: 
[email protected] 

Puppies come from health tested parents, and I aim to track the health of all my dogs. All my dogs are cardiologist and ophthalmologist tested, dna tested and their patellars are checked annually. I am also incorporating the use of dogs that have undergone MRI screening as well as bringing in new lines with such screening. This is a long term commitment for the love I have for the breed, my dogs and all the puppies bred here at Kamontry. I put back into my breeding program and work only with breeders who do the same. Fostering positive relationships with breeders from around the world to use one the best studs most suited to the girl being bred. I also hope to import lines from overseas with the protective mitral valve marker. This is a huge financial commitment which will require some careful planning. 

Thank you for supporting the future of Kamontry and my vision to produce and exhibit cavaliers that are of equal part sound in structure, healthy, beautiful and great tempered. 

Please join my wait list for a future Kamontry puppy

For those who are genuinely interested in showing cavaliers I am happy to offer someone an opportunity to do so. Our future in dog showing depends on it. Genuine enquires most welcome. It will require you to demonstrate your genuine interest  

Copy and paste the questions below and return to 


[email protected] 


1. How soon are you wanting a puppy or older dog? Would you like a referral to a breeder known by me should I not be able to meet your needs? 


2. What age, sex or colour are you most interested in? Are you aware that the more specific you are the longer you may need to wait? Are you willing to wait on our wait list or contact me if your situation has changed? 


3.Who will take care of your dog if you go away?

4.Where in Australia do you reside and if you are located outside of Queensland are you willing to do video conference calls to get to know us and follow your puppies journey? Are you willing to use our preferred couriers? My preferred road and air transport providers will send you a quote for your enquiry directly. 


5. Please tell me about your family, children, grandchildren and their ages. Please include any pets. Does anyone that resides with you have an allergy to dogs? Cavaliers are not hypoallergenic sorry. 

6. What sort of activities would you like to do with your cavalier? 


7. How many hours are you away from home? 


8. Are you familiar with the cavalier and that they are a companion dog? Are you familiar with some of the most common health issues that may occur?


9. Are you able to pick-up your puppy at the expected time? Please let me know if you cannot pick up your puppy at the expected date as puppies may not always be able to be held for more than a few days after the expected time to depart. It really depends on the time of year and you will need to discuss this with me from the beginning of your application. 


All dogs bred by me are welcome home with an attempt to try and reimburse your money upon successful placement. Please do not hesitate to stay in touch as I love to see the dogs growing up and should you need any help I am here for the life of that dog.

Return your answers to [email protected]


Alternatively you can apply through rightpaw


Older dogs and puppies do become available too

Please give me a few days to reply or contact me directly on 0403830223

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Contact Details

Lockyer Valley, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]