Kamontry Cavaliers


My breed of primary interest is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I am serious about breeding healthy, sound and beautiful dogs 

I am a dog lover who went a little too far

Anyone who has been loved by a Cavalier will say one is simply not enough 

Pabianpark Pennies From Heaven

Thank you to Sylvia amd Dek for this treasure (Pabianpark Cavaliers)

Pictured in the header is Elfking Some Like It Hot At Edenridge aka Wesley.

I would like to thank the breeders who have strived to produce what dogs we have in Australia and all over the world today. Dogs Queensland is part of a large pedigree network of Dogs Australia, the Australian National Kennel Association (ANKC). Dogs Australia is part of a world wide pedigree network called the Federation Cynologique International (FCI) which is the largestcanine organisation of the world.

My dogs are my pets that are raised in the home. I aim to breed to the standard that is set by Dogs Australia.They continue to play a vital role in mine and my son’s life. The cavalier is a companion dog, a comfort spaniel that also enjoys moderate levels of activity. When socialised properly they're good with children and the elderly. They’re also good with other animals and a great family pet. Their temperament is sweet, affectionate and fearless making them a good candidate as a therapy dog. They are very teachable if you understand what their purpose is. The cavalier perceives the world with no danger and their purpose is to have fun, eat food, be a companion and give and receive love. They're a wonderful lap dog that enjoys participating in the affairs of their humans.

The standard of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is important in terms of function and health. We enjoy competing in conformation showing. We have had much fun and success, in competing in all breeds, and at specialty championship level, against kennels from Queensland and interstate.Showing dogs helps us to identify areas for improvement through an unbiased judging process. There are many more benefits to breeders who show dogs. Most dog shows are open to the public, so you can attend and look at your breed of interest. You can also ask questions and raise any concerns you might have. Not all exhibitors breed dogs and not all breeders show dogs. Please feel free to send through any enquiries you might have about dog showing.

Due to some of the hereditary health problems that can come with the breed my own dogs are specialist tested by cardiologist and ophthalmologist at an age appropriate and throughout their life. Full DNA profiles are completed  for diseases specific to the breed. A breeding program and MRI screening has commenced for Syringomyelia. Sometimes the diseases that we cannot DNA test for can pop up regardless of prior testing. However there are many healthy cavaliers who live to a grand old happy age.

There are many different types of breeders and I hope that this information may help you to find a breeder that you feel comfortable with and how to find them. As a community we can work together to prevent funding the abuse, misuse and unethical keeping of dogs.  Dogs Australia breeders (ANKC) are not permitted to cross breed as part of their registration with Dogs Australia. 

Puppies and older dogs enquires are welcome. Please follow the puppies tab to join the family

If there is no one at home for long periods of time please reconsider this breed. Cavaliers also like companionship.

You can find us on Facebook by following the link. It's a newly established paged where u can meet our dogs and some of the owners of a Kamontry cavalier

I dedicate this web site to my first cavalier Pearl and to all the dogs that have and continue to be used as breeding machines and as a result suffered. 

RIP Pearl

Forever asleep, forever in my heart 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us


The cavalier lady 

For further information on the breed you may find these websites useful:


Bonnie's kids 

Champion Kamontry Kiss Me Quick & Kamontry Her Grace

 Multiple speciality class in show winners 2022 and 2023 

It is my goal to bring good breeders together from all over the world so that we can make cavaliers even better in Australia 

It is my dream to breed consistent, beautiful and healthy dogs 

I hope you help me do this





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